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Transport and Logistics

Bulk Commodity Transport & Logistics

Equipment Available

Tractor Units

  • Super B Day Cab Trucks

  • Super B Sleeper Trucks

  • Tri Drive Tractor units

Trailer Units

  • Super B Train Big Box End Dump Trailers

  • Super B Train Big Box Tipping Trailers

  • Super B Train Possum Belly Tipping Trailers

  • 53' Tridem Equipment Hauler Beaver Tail Trailer

  • 53' Tridem Walking Floor Trailers

  • 53' Tridem Tipping Trailers

  • 53' Reefer Vans

  • 38' Tridem End Dump Trailers


We Haul for You


Commodity Transport

With the ability to make a premium dry woodchip product out of clean waste wood, we're providing various delivery services in Southern Alberta at an affordable rate.  Inquire to find out what other commodities we can deliver efficiently and affordably. 


Comprehensive list of Transport Equipment

With an extensive inventory of trucks and trailers, as well as the logisitcs means to organize multiple contractors, we can expedite your transportation needs immediately. 


Combine Services & Save Money

Lets us process your material and transport it too.  Combining our On-Site Material Processing as well using Recycling Worx to transport can save you time and money.

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235247 Range Rd 284, Calgary, AB T1X 2K2, Canada

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